Friday, March 23, 2012

Well Isn’t That Interesting

I have presented a link below to an interesting article I ran across in the NY Times entitled, To Stop Iran, the G.O.P. Should Back Obama. As the title of the title suggests the main argument of the article is that the GOP, as an institution, should support President Obama’s policies concerning Iran. By no means is this a call for open cooperation and a constructive dialogue.  That would be unthinkable during an election year.  Dubowitz is simply suggesting that the GOP as an institution quietly lend their support to the sanctions regime put forth by congress late last year in an effort to help the American people. This suggestion, and its lack of partisanship, is a refreshing change from the hyper partisanship which has flooded the airwaves in the last few months. I harbor no illusions that this will happen regularly let alone become the norm.  Yet it is a bright spot in this year’s rather drab political tapestry.    

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