Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Tuesday is Approaching

Super Tuesday is approaching, and it will be decisive for the GOP race. There will be more delegates available then elected so far. If Mitt Romney wins a majority of the states, it might be an end for the other three candidates, while it is also possible that the race is elongated if Gingrich wins Georgia and Santorum wins Tennessee and Oklahoma (Washington Post).

Among all the available states, Ohio is the most important and implicative as all Republican presidents in the past won the state. Polls show that Santorum was leading the poll with 37-26 over Mitt Romney a few days ago, but Romney is having a 34-31 advantage over Santorum in the latest poll. Reports say that Romney is gaining popularity from women voters while Santorum men. Romney is spending today in Ohio. To review Romney’s attitudes toward key issues: here is a good summarize

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