Thursday, March 8, 2012

Romney Asked Rivals to Withdraw

Even though Super Tuesday did not reshuffle the candidates, Mitt Romney still did what was predicted by reporter later last week: to ask rivals to with draw to that the Republican party can fight for a common goal with solidarity. The article form Washington Post points out that Romney might lost in Kansas, Mississippi, and Alabama on the upcoming Saturday and Tuesday, so he asked other candidates to withdraw in order to avoid losses. In addition, earlier reports reveal that Romney is running out of fund. If the GOP race is elongated, it will weaken him in the general election by consuming his resources. Therefore, the article says that Romney said this not only to the candidates but also the candidates’ Super PAC donors.

I agree with Sen. Rob Portman (R. Ohio) that it is respectful for other candidates to give a shot. It is difficult for others to win as Romney has many delegates, but how he wins the nomination also matters. If at this point where it is clear that he is the frontrunner with the most delegates he still loses several states in the future contests, it means that a number Republican voters who want t Republican president are not convinced by him yet. So they even risk the possibility of weaken the party’s strength in the general election to make their voice heard. Contests are not only about winning, but the texture of each contest tells something about people’s voice, which might be something Romney is concerned about.

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