Saturday, April 30, 2011

This One Goes Out to the Most Real Blog in the World, Potomac Fever...I'll Be Missin You...

...Every single day
every time I pray
I'll be missin you
potomac fever...

...thinkin of the day
when you went away
what a blog to take
what a bond to break

i'll be missin you...

that's all folks

The Rich Get the Policies They Want, the Poor Don't

More on the "ruling class."

Intuition>Bad Data

Whither liberalism?

PBM ain't gonna like.

Friday, April 29, 2011

"A Love Letter to All Things New Jersey"

For Dylan and our recently-uncloseted NJ native, TJE.

Been a good semester. Keep bloggin' hard, everybody.

The fight of the century



To Cut Or Not To Cut

Boehner's dogged pursuit of budget cuts has led to the shutting down of an Army plant in his own backyard. Now the heroic budget slasher is lobbying the Army to keep the plant open. Hopefully this scenario will not provoke another tearful meltdown from Congress' fearless leader.

Not what you would have thought

The world's 10 most dangerous cities

Ethanol Sucks

Especially corn ethanol.

Obama Hates the Rich

I agree with basically everything in this article except its constant references to "conservatives" in general. I think he means to say conservative writers, pundits and politicians, because a grouping of conservatives all together would be a pretty wild generalization. This seems to play into the "ruling class" argument made by the authors we read last week.

Another attack on public sector unions

but you may be surprised where.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate Through the Eyes of a Birther

President Obama offends an important group


Should Hamilton try this?

Government, of course, would be the most valuable and, therefore, expensive major. Which would be the premium majors and which would be the discount brands?

Bad news on economy

I hope this will not be a "lost decade, a la Japan.

Terms 'pets' and 'wildlife are insulting

Oxford scholars are very dissapointed in the terms we use to refer to animals.

Policy in the Age of Post-truth Politics

More Government Overreach

I am surprised that TJE has not yet posted this article. Last week, the National Labor Relations Board told Boeing Co. that Boeing cannot build a new factory in South Carolina (a right to work state), but must instead build the factory in Washington state (which has unions). The reason? A Boeing official said that the company could not afford another work stoppage (not a problem in South Carolina). The NLRB immediately condemned this as unlawful employer speech. I am amazed that the NLRB has the audacity to try and tell a private company where it can build its own factory. Needless to say, Boeing has appealed the decision.

5 Habits of Highly Effective CEOs

Great article. A little bit of advice when you're the tip top of the North arrow on the compass

1. Passionate Curiosity

2. Battle-Hardened Confidence

3. Team Smarts

4. A Simple Mindset

5. Fearlessness

How to Make a Lie Go Mainstream in 26 Easy Steps

More on the IPAB

Club for Growth scorecard

Grow, baby, grow.

Ginsburg and Breyer Should Retire Now!

Just in case Obama doesn't win.

Will the birthers be content?

So sad that it has gotten to this point. While I think some of the birther freak show will fade away, this article suggests that the birth certificate has led to a whole new wave of conspiracy theories.

What's in a Name?

Carrie Underwood is a great American

For Julia G

Not what you think.

BW on NYT's scoop

HT to AM.

President Obama and the Nixon playbook

Eat the rich

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Micro-finance causes suicides

One of the reasons I personally dislike Micro-finance. This sounds like fun, lets make poor people buy loans with HUGE interests rates for stuff they don't need. Seems to me that money for food would help out more than giving them money so they can be more "political".

Dear TJE

Is this American Spectator article serious? I'm halfway done and I know we will discuss it tonight but I am having some very serious problems with it's discussion of some grand conspiracy by universities to create and promote a "ruling class" run "mostly by Democrats" that seeks evermore power and makes decisions on the grounds of "'science'" (how can an author that seriously puts quotations around the word science be taken seriously?) and secularism. This reads like something off Glenn Beck's chalkboard.



Gang at greenhouse of Mount Vernon

Where in the world is Megan?

Mount Vernon

Relaxing on George's back porch. Windy voyage, tour of house, lunch, gift shop, 5D experience, museum, nice trip back.

Could 'Wet-Houses' Reduce the Costs of Alcoholism on Our Society?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Julia G's favorite columnist teases Paul Krugman

Who is actually prejudiced and race conscious?

This video shows an NBC news reporter asking a black man at a tea-party rally if he ever feels uncomfortable. Ironically enough, she is actually the one who makes him uncomfortable about his race. His answer is classic, "No, these are my people: Americans."

Guess what state has the worst income inequality?

See you guys tonight!

White Rage and The Tea Party

Eat the rich!

They're switching sides from Dems to GOP.

5 Reasons Republicans Won't Run for President in 2012


John Whitney: Future CEO?

This is an interview from the NYTimes with Caryl Stern, the CEO of U.S. Fund for UNICEF. She discusses her role as CEO and how she got there - speaking from the "North" as Haass would say. She gives some good advice and tells some interesting stories on how she runs the non-profit. "Her background in the theater has also helped her as a leader, because 'You need to be able to get up and deliver good news and bad news'". Is John Whitney doing what we all should be doing (besides nuzzling up to a drag queen)?

The rise of the entitlement state?

Upcoming Boston Series More Important than NBA Finals [that Boston Will Not Play In], Says Boston Sportswriter

Dan Shaughnessy, great American?

Have Market Interventions Caused High Unemployment in Black Communities?

This is kindof similar to something Megan put up a while ago. The author doesn't have any economic evidence, and doesn't really give an explanation of any opposing views, but I thought the argument was interesting and sortof made sense. What do you guys think?

Happy 21st Birthday, Katherine!!

Obama is Just a 90s Moderate Republican

Let's Talk About Something Real PC...JESUS!!!

So how bout that religion stuff.

Dylan loves this author btw.

The ghost of PPACA future?

Two cheers for economists

From Steven Hayward.

The end of NFL as we know it?

Even Europeans move toward Paul Ryan's position