Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear TJE

Is this American Spectator article serious? I'm halfway done and I know we will discuss it tonight but I am having some very serious problems with it's discussion of some grand conspiracy by universities to create and promote a "ruling class" run "mostly by Democrats" that seeks evermore power and makes decisions on the grounds of "'science'" (how can an author that seriously puts quotations around the word science be taken seriously?) and secularism. This reads like something off Glenn Beck's chalkboard.




PBM said...

He's against nearly everything but not for anything. He seems to believe that the government has no right to exist or perform any duties. What did it do to him to make him hate it with such irrationality and furor?

PBM said...

"Unlike the ruling class, the country class does not share a single intellectual orthodoxy, set of tastes, or ideal lifestyle."

This has to be a joke.

Patrick_L said...

it's not a joke Peter, just a Rush Limbaugh-approved article.

TJE said...

PBM, the right's attack on "science" is borrowing a page from the postmodern left: