Monday, April 25, 2011

NYT/CBS: Americans support Ryan plan


Patrick_L said...

when told the government will help them buy private insurance. Why didn't the survey question think to mention that the proposal will dramatically increase the costs paid by the beneficiary, a fact no one could deny? (unless there's some conservative hack crazy enough to argue that even though currently we have nearly a 0% price elasticity in our current health care system with some of the highest relative cost-sharing- highest absolute cost-sharing- in the world, Ryan's proposal would have something approaching a 100% elasticity response to the increased cost-sharing? I'm sure the WSJ can find someone crazy enough to make this argument up out of thin air and in contrast with every theoretical and empirical argument known to man, but until that editorial merges- I'll assume there are levels of crazy even the WSJ can't justify feigning in the name of party propaganda).

Anywho, in the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 78% of Americans opposed cutting spending on Medicare for deficit reduction. They’ve even got polls showing the majority of Republicans opposing Medicare cuts. I’d hardly say that Americans support Ryan’s plan.

PBM said...

This debate is making out to be a bizarro world version of Obamacare. One policy overall pretty good with some bad, the other pretty bad with some good (deficit reduction?). Polling wise: The PPACA was always pretty even with opposition having a pretty consistent edge. The parts (insurance under 26, universal coverage, no pre-existing conditions,etc. One exception is mandate), however, were extremely popular. Ryancare, on the other hand, is breakeven here with a slight advantage to support. The individual aspects of the plan (Medicare voucher, sharp Medicaid reductions, lower taxes for corporations and rich), though, have strong disapproval ratings. Angry townhalls, hyperpartisan media coverage, ads targeting seniors!!! Don't you see, it's the same thing that happened last year!

But, really, I think the Dems have the policy edge with Obamacare and the eventual political edge in this new debate. Here's a GOP Strategist talking about how GOPers should avoid talking about what's really in Ryan's budget, aka the Medicare voucher system and additional tax cuts:

Sorry, last bizarro reference, but this sounds like almost the exact opposite thing Dem strategists were saying Dems should say about the PPACA.

PBM said...

They thought that Americans would accept it if they explained it to them.