Friday, April 22, 2011

Escape from California


Roxy said...

I'm cool with not having 30 new Carl's Jr.'s open up in a matter of weeks in CA -- it should take months to approve that, Carl's Jr. is disgusting

PBM said...

Relocation because of regulation and taxation makes much more sense for businesses. Can't something like this get states in a race to the bottom though in terms of environmental, labor and other important types of regulation?

Also, while we are on the California vs. Texas comparison, both have enormous budget deficits (both around $27 billion), and both will need to cut services. The difference is that Texas' public services are already at a bare-bones minimum, so cuts to public education and health care programs for the poor will continue to be cut. Further, because it's government is solidly Republican, raising taxes is out of the question, so all $27 billion is going to have to come out of public services. Not a very good way to "win the future," or even compete in it in 10-20 years when the children who have spent their school years in 50 person classes, sharing text books, without computers, and (some) without health care. Where do you get infrastructure funding if you have a $27 billion deficit and no will to increase taxes?