Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should Hamilton try this?

Government, of course, would be the most valuable and, therefore, expensive major. Which would be the premium majors and which would be the discount brands?


Ian Thresher said...

Well, at least Women's Studies would be dirt cheap.

Ryan Karerat said...

A Government Degree from Hamilton more valuable than their degree offered in Goldman Sachs imean Economics?

And I think you would just have to charge a Comparative Literature major the average price of a couple of year's rent for a loft in Williamsburg.

TJE said...

Ryan, eventually, all those econ majors will be working for the government majors.

Ian, you are on very thin ice.

Ian Thresher said...

You misunderstand me. I am not attempting to link the actual academic value of the subject to its cost. Rather, I am simply saying that Womens Studies does not easily qualify in dollar terms after graduation, something I believe to be an empirical fact. In this light, I am actually applauding Women's Studies majors for their willingness to pursue their love of the subject matter without much regard for its future economic value. I would put English, Psychology, Creative Writing, and many other subjects in the same category.