Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Time to Appreciate Cherry Blossom: March 20-23

I went to appreciate cherry blossom this afternoon, and would like to share with everyone the information that the peak blossom time this year is during March 20 - March 23 (till this Friday). If anyone wants to enjoy the spring sunshine and celebrate the 100th anniversary of cherry blossom since Japanese government gave them to the United States as a gift, Tidal Basin is the ultimate destination!

From Tidal Basin, you can have the best view where you can see the water reflecting sunshine, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. It is also a good place to go with several friends because you can row a boat. The maximum number of people allowed on each boat is 4. If you cannot make it before this Friday, the good news is that the National Cherry Blossom Festival lasts until about April 2. For more information, please see the attached page.

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