Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Hampshire got it right -- Preservation of same-sex marriage law

Although Republicans outnumber Democrats by three to one in the New Hampshire House of Representatives (the largest state legislature in the country), the House refused to repeal gay marriage rights 211-116.  With a wave of recent conservative legislation, many were uncertain about how this vote would play out.  But, in the end, the "Live Free or Die" state remained true to its motto, preserving the right for same-sex couples to wed.  In the end, who does it actually bother?  All people should be entitled to the same rights of marriage, regardless of a couple's sex makeup.  The government should not regulate morality in this sense -- let's leave that to religion.

NH is one of nine states that allows same-sex marriage, including the District of Columbia.  Check out the attached NYT article for more.

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