Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Financing the Romney Campaign

Check out this article on Romney's campaign financing.  The way Romney is financing his campaign appears to link two topics we've recently discussed in class: campaign finance and how Romney is doing well but has yet to really excite the electorate.  A direct quote from the article: "'Romney is less focused on small donors than any other candidate at this stage of the campaign in recent memory, said Michael Malbin, director of the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute. 'And that is parallel to a larger problem: He has not yet excited the passions of the kind of people who give small contributions or volunteer their time.'" People tend to feel more attached to a cause if they somehow contribute to it, so maybe the fact that Romney has been able to raise large amounts of money without having to turn to small donors helps explain why people have yet to feel a strong attachment to him. Or, maybe people don't feel attached to Romney, so they aren't giving him money. Either way, the candidate is missing out on support from potential Romney enthusiasts.

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