Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obama Campaign to Release a Documentary of His First Term

The documentary, The Road We've Traveled, for President Obama's reelection will be released on March 15, which shows the challenges of his first term in office. Tom Hanks is the narrator and Davis Guggenheim is the director.

President Obama is really taking advantage of his incumbent position. It is surprising for me to see campaign films, although there have been advertisements. His film reminds me of what we talked about in class about an incumbent president's advantages. He has the ability to gather the nation's attention and he looks that he at least can already do the basic things a president does. High officers participate in the film. Through the trailer, I saw Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and pictures of Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner. Pictures in the movie are from real policy-making process and real meetings. The authoritative feeling of the movie makes me feel that the Republican candidates' fightings are entertainment shows. The participants in the movie are resources non-incumbant candidates have no way to use.

I think it is a very smart idea to make a film. I am surprised that President Obama can always use new ways for his campaign. In 2008, he was the first candidate successfully used Facebook to attract many voters, and now, instead of releasing an advertisement, he is releasing a documentary and he got other high officers' voice for him. However, I am not sure whether a documentary can impartial since there is a combination between Hollywood from entertainment industry and politics. Films have stronger ability to manipulate the connotation and tone of a message then advertisements. I feel that President's documentary is like those biographies presidents usually have after they leave office. They can make the decision to include and exclude certain messages. His film strengthens his campaign's ability to control a candidate's image. Comments from Youtube are mostly positive and they like the film. While I will try not to be influenced by the messages in the film, you can check out the trailer:

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