Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday: The Calm Before the "Super-Tuesday" Storm

All across the nation, Republicans are getting ready for Super Tuesday. Too often in politics phrases like "Washington outsider", "average Joe", and "most important election ever" are thrown around. In the case of Super Tuesday, the use of the word "super" is appropriate; with 419 GOP delegates at steak, Tuesday could change the course of the Republican race. Looking ahead to tomorrow, one of the things I will be looking for is Mitt Romney's performance, specifically his the margin of victory in the states he wins.

The results from Michigan show that Republicans are incredibly divided: on the one hand they have a candidate who is  more himself around NASCAR owners than he is around NASCAR fans, and, on the other hand, they have Rick Santorum, B.A., M.B.A., J.D., who claims the education system of this country is nothing more than a Liberal Play-Doh molder. I tend to agree, just look at what it did for him... (Note that I haven't included "Rocket Man", who is the favorite in GA, or Ron "everyone's-favorite-crazy-uncle" Paul).

To show he is the favorite, Romney needs to win states by sizable margins. If Romney just scrapes by, he might be in the driver's seat of the GOP car, but Santorum/Paul/Gingrich supports will make it feel like Romney's driving with the emergency break on; the car will move, but at a slow and painful rate.

My prediction is that Romney comes up with the majority of the delegates and puts himself as the favorite to challenge Obama. To win in November, Romney has to figure out a way to make himself approachable and likable to voters, a key factor for anyone who wants to succeed in life, nonetheless be President.

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