Monday, March 12, 2012

Thoughts on Game Change

While putting off writing my thesis, I decided to see the much hyped HBO movie Game Change. Feeling like I could use even more of a distraction, I wanted to check the pulse in DC and get a sense of what the reaction has been down there about the movie. So what do you guys think? TJE any thoughts?Despite leaning left, I have always had respect for what women like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are doing for this country. Although I disagree with a lot of their policies, I think they are cut from a different cloth than the woman politicians that we are used to. I think Palin and Bachmann represent a set of women that have struggled to connect with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Ultimately this is good for democracy and great for women. However, could Palin really have been that uninformed? I struggle to see how it is possible. My impression after reading the book was that although Palin certainly lacked policy expertise she was not completely incompetent. This movie paints a completely different picture. It makes you wonder how she became mayor of her town of a few thousand let alone Governor or potentially VICE PRESIDENT! She had her faults but I refuse to believe she was as bad as she is being portrayed in the movie. I know everyone and their mother who was involved in making the movie is coming out and saying how historically accurate it is but I just do not buy it. Regardless of exactly how true it is because I admit there must be some morsel of truth, I am embarrassed for the liberal media. I think this reflects very poorly on them. After listening to the left attack the right for how slanderous they are, I think it is time for liberals to look in the mirror themselves (peter would not be happy with this remark). This movie served little purpose other than showing Sarah Palin in the worst light possible. In some respects the movie was borderline sexist. Think about it, they showed Palin as a moody, middle-aged woman who was hyper-maternal and desperately needed to be with her husband. I may be defending her a little too much but I am just that upset over it. No one deservers this kind of treatment. Any thoughts?

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