Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Hampshire in December?

Like 2008, Florida has moved its 2012 primary to January 31, a month earlier than the RNC's specified date. And now New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner is playing it coy, causing speculation that he will move the state's primary to December. According to Iowan tradition, New Hampshire's move could schedule the Hawkeye state's caucus even earlier.

Campaigning and voting around the holiday season could be awkward (though Newt Gringich would make a great Santa Claus). And early races risk losing delegates and relevance if the RNC disagrees with the schedule. But the earlier the GOP can get a presumptive nominee after a long, contentious, and highly followed race, the more time they have to rally their possibly fractured base behind their nominee, and proceed against BHO.

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Will Rusche said...

If anyone remembers the Florida and Michigan drama from the Democratic primaries last time around, I think it'll be interesting to see how this plays out if there isn't full agreement on the schedule. Especially with the differences some are speculating the early states might make depending on who they're likely to go for. We'll see if all the delegates get seated at the convention next fall...