Sunday, October 2, 2011

Even Biden Admits Economy is Current Administration's Problem

Joe Biden admits its time to stop blaming George Bush.

His only hope now is to paint the Republican alternative as worse than what we've got now. Hey, thats an idea for a new Obama Bumper Sticker: "It could have been worse!"


Will Rusche said...

To clarify, Biden isn't saying the origin of the economy's poor state is the product of Obama's Administration. Given the economy tanked and the first stimulus was passed before Obama even took office, a claim to the contrary is a bit far fetched.

Instead what Biden is saying is we should be focusing on continuing to improve our current state rather than being worried about assigning blame. This may be in line with the effort to get the President's Jobs Act passed, the point of Biden's stop and speech.

It's true our Economy isn't roaring as it was a decade ago but we're continuing to make progress, taking steps in the right direction thanks to Obama's policies. Biden, or perhaps this news article, weren't the most graceful in articulating this notion but Obama's campaign won't have to rely on a campaign of "It could have been worse" but "it would have been worse". Game on.

Colin said...

Maybe this article is just poorly-written and doesn't cite the correct parts of Biden's speech, but I don't see any quote where he actually says it's not Bush's fault? That just seems to be a conclusion that the author wants to draw on his own. Which is funny, considering the poll mentioned at the end of the article shows that most people disagree with him...

(In any case, it's not as though Biden is known for being the smoothest public speaker. "Barack America", anyone? )

Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh said...

I totally agree with Will and Colin. Biden's speech has been taken completely out of context, and specifically so for political purposes. That aside, I have a question for Beau: In that same speech you are referring to, Biden called on the electorate to reelect Obama given the current crop of Republican candidates. What do you have to say to that??

Beaumont said...

The article (and my response) didn't say that the origin of the problem is Obama's fault. (For the record: We DID have problems when Obama took office.)

What the article actually said was that the current administration is now responsible for the problem and that after nearly 3 years, POTUS cant keep blaming Bush for all his problems anymore.

Biden admits that people have reason to be angry with the current administration.

Although he's been known to be loose-mouthed, thats what he said. I don't believe taking Biden for his word is 'taking it out of context.'

If you don't like the wording of this article(CBS), here's a few more: