Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will Newt be the new flavor of the week?

An old-ish article, but with 9 9 9 (hopefully) fading into oblivion Newt may be able to pull the underdog routine. But mainly because he's the last candidate that hasn't shined in the spotlight: I can't see a similar surge occurring with Jon Huntsman or Rick Santorum. Definitely the most intellectual candidate, but we aren't in the 1990s: can he still play politics?

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BL said...

Hmm...I would argue that Newt has already had his turn in the spotlight. His decision to run initially generated significant media attention, but the limelight dimmed shortly afterwards. Much scrutiny has been devoted to his Tiffany's account and his marital matters. I'm wondering whether he's come up with a substantive proposal for the economy/other issues thus far...maybe he has, and the media just haven't covered it. I wonder what Haagen-Daz flavor Newt would compare himself to.