Sunday, October 23, 2011


This article was written some few months ago, but it still raises some very salient points.

"High unemployment aside, if the history of presidential politics shows anything, it’s that when you give voters a choice between the incumbent they know and the radicals they don’t, the former will win."

Michele Bachmann says Libya should reimburse the US for "liberating" it. What absurdity? Did anyone invite you? Radicalism to its core. I mean, if people like Bachmann are considered 'alternatives' to Obama, then it's a DONE DEAL for him in 2012. 


BL said...

Meanwhile, Perry continues to doubt the validity of Obama's birth certificate...see comments for additional hilarity.

Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh said...

interesting...Politicians must begin answering questions directly.

Colin said...

To be fair, as much as I'd love it if they nominated her, I don't think anyone really considers Michele Bachmann a viable candidate.

Fertaa Yieleh-Chireh said...

To a certain extent, that is true but:
1. I was just using her as an example to show how very 'radical and absurd' the Republican Presidential contenders are getting. I think for me, the only sensible or moderate two are Romney and Paul. But they have to appeal to the Tea Party and hardcore Republicans as well. That's where it gets tricky.
2. She won the Iowa Straw Poll. That was a while ago...but it's still worth mentioning

Beau said...

I would have to disagree with the author of the article based on the fact that Obama's multiple failed economic policies were all failed promises. Independents are key. Obama has lost his "charm" with them, and his track record as POTUS is no good on those terms.

Since the Economy is the most important issue in this election to a strong majority of voters (I believe its at 76%), Obama will do as much as he can to try to distance himself from his actual accomplishments in office, and run on "hope, change, etc". If he can keep the issues away from himself, he's got a shot.

To be honest, many of the GOP candidates look ridiculous to liberals, but their economic policies are appealing to independents, who were promised change by Obama, and were left utterly disappointed.