Friday, October 21, 2011

The Biden Saga Continues: Does Biden support Rape and Murder?

In case you've missed Biden's strange remarks on Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll give a quick recap:

1. The Republicans opposing their Jobs bill are in favor of rape, murder and crime. (The Democrats who opposed it weren't mentioned)

2. He wishes Republicans had "some notion" of what its like to be raped and robbed.

The White House Press Secretary defended those remarks yesterday, and didn't attempt to rescind any of them.

In an attempt to show the absurdity spewing from our Vice President's mouth, this article uses his logic to show how he supports rape and murder. Obviously this is untrue, but so is everything else Biden has been saying.

The Jobs bill gives $30 million towards teaching jobs, but only $5 million to crime prevention. If you take him for his word, he is in a sense valuing smaller classrooms six times more than preventing rape. By his own logic, he's not creating as many "rape preventitive" jobs as he could be, therefore, supporting Rape more than opponents of the bill.

Absurd, but a logical conclusion to his own words.

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Cara said...

Today in Jonah Goldberg's column, he compares Biden to "the sort of guy who sits right next to you on the bus even though there are plenty of empty seats — just so he can explain how squirrels aren’t mammals."