Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is sizeism the last acceptable prejudice?


Will Rusche said...

In retrospect, William Howard Taft, our heaviest president to date, wasn't particularly effective as a Commander in Chief. Then again, James Madison, our smallest president, isn't remembered best for his time in the White House either.

Perhaps size has nothing to do with being effective.

On an interesting note, Taft was also the last president to have facial hair. Might we see a prejudice against that affect Herman Cain in a field of well shaven Republicans?

alexrued said...

Klein takes on Kinsley and Robinson. After noting that most believe they are thin because they are disciplined and fat people are fat because they are indulgent, Klein makes the argument that recent studies have shown that's not always the case. (not sure if that's true, but still a good article)