Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Was a costly mistake made on 1/26?

The Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, traveled to China today to discuss oil sales after President Obama rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline in late January.. I thought this article from the Washington Post would be of interest.


Camron said...

Would it be so bad if China became more dependent on oil from our sphere of influence? Consider the state of the world; the Chinese are rising and demanding a greater share of world resources, and in an effort to counter them we are retooling our military and changing our focus. Yes china is encroaching upon what has until now been our personal oil reserves in Saudi Arabia and Canada but as stated in the article the first and third largest oil reserves are under the American defensive umbrella and the third Venezuela can easily be cut off from China if it comes to that. Thus even if the XL pipeline is not built we are not loosing resources we are simply throwing another lasso around the neck of the bucking bull which is China. When one considers that United States constructed the Middle Eastern oil network to flow to Asia and that the United States will have a strong presence in the region for the foreseeable future that bucking bull seem a lot less wild.

Camron said...

Here is the appropriate googled image.