Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not just an illusion; this campaign IS really nasty!

Throughout the semester, we have discussed the adverse effects of negative campaigning in the Republican   primary.  In a race where the alleged frontrunner is turning out to be no frontrunner at all, polls are tightening and the outcome grows murkier by the day.  The lack of a consensus has created confusion within the party, leaving some Republicans to wonder whether or not a better option lurks on the horizon.  But, for now, it seems like that will not happen; the existing candidates and their respective super PAC's will be left to duke it out, dollar for dollar.

It turns out that two-thirds of the total money spent on Romney's campaign, half for Gingrich, and one-quarter for Santorum is spent on negative campaign ads.  In 2008, only six percent of GOP primary advertisements were negative, while that figure has skyrocketed to over fifty percent in 2012.  This is certainly detrimental for any existing unity within the Republican party.  If things continue at this pace, Mr. Obama will be one very happy man come November.  For all of the political consultants and party stalwarts that contribute to the campaigns, why isn't anyone advising the remaining GOP candidates to share some love?  At this point, it is highly unlikely to see two of the remaining names on the same Republican ticket (that could make for a very rocky administration!).

Check out the attached Washington Post article for more.

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