Friday, February 17, 2012

Channeling the late, great Ted Kennedy, or just a ploy to defeat Warren?

Although many of us were not shocked when former Cosmo centerfold, Scott Brown, defeated an unengaging and out of touch Martha Coakley, Senator Ted Kennedy was certainly rolling over in his grave.  The lion of the Senate spent much of his tenure advocating for healthcare reform, which Scott Brown vehemently opposed.  If you're searching for irony, look no further; Massachusetts's special Senatorial election indicated the end of an era, and fostered in a new day when Republicans would launch a crusade against Obamacare.

With a viable Democratic candidate in 2012 who has a strong background in economic reform, Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown may be in for a rude awakening come November.  As of today, RealClearPolitics, with the exception of one disparate poll, indicates that Warren has a lead of .3-7 percentage points.  Brown, in order to retain his seat, must make a mass appeal to traditionally democratic voters in the state and do so quickly.  In doing so, he is advocating for a bill that would surely inspire the likes of former Senator Ted Kennedy

According to Politico, about a quarter of Massachusetts residents, not including Scott Brown, have Irish roots.  Brown has recently tried to push a bill through the Senate that would expand visas to approximately 10,500 Irish workers.  Unfortunately for Brown and his re-election prospects, he has met a road block in the form of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley; however, he will certainly continue to press the issue and find new ways to approach the visa expansion.  If Brown is successfully able to do so, he might find more favorable poll numbers come November.

So, the question begs: has the late, great lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, returned for some divine intervention?  Is Scott Brown channeling Kennedy's Irish heritage in order to garner widespread support...?  I suppose the answer depends on whether you're a political realist or a firm believer in the supernatural.

Check out the Politico article attached.

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Cris said...

In a loosely related matter, a Kennedy relative has announced his run for Rep. Barney Frank's seat in the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts. Joe Kennedy III is a 31-year old lawyer, the son of former Rep. Joe Kennedy II of Rhode Island, and the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. He resembles an old-fashioned Kennedy: he has a Harvard law degree, he worked in the Peace Corps, and he has even spent time prosecuting to fight corruption. From what I have read, people in Massachusetts are excited about this announcement--not only because he comes from a well-respected family, but also because he seems to be more than qualified to take over Frank's place in Congress. His famous name sure has seemed to help his chances in this election thus far, signing on big name volunteers and pulling in money from fundraisers. He even has the support from some U.S. Representives from Massachusetts, like Rep. Ed Markey and Rep. Jim McGovern, along with the blessing of Barney Frank himself. I think it will be interesting to keep an eye on this race, as it is still early; he seems to be potentially facing two other Democratic challengers, while two Republicans are still considering the race.