Friday, February 24, 2012

Hispanic Vote essential

The hispanic vote is extremely important to both sides. The article attached highlights the hispanic population's disaproval with the Republican party's stance on illegal immigration. I found this article interesting because it only highlights a small population of the hispanic electorate. Most of the voters who are opposed to the Republican stance against illegal immigration are Mexican, but there are other hispanic groups who are adament against policies that forgive illegals. Obama's move against the catholic church last month will sway many hispanic voters, who are predominantely Roman Catholic away from the Democrats. The hispanic vote is extremely important as it is a large portion of the population and growing in the United States. Whoever can tip the hispanic population in their favor will gain a huge advantage. Although I warn that most Americans group them into one catagory. The Spanish speaking world is extremely diverse and nationalistic and grouping the entire population into one group is not the best way of gaining their support. They will not all vote one way because of a policy, such as illegal immigration-Cubans and Puerto Ricans (who are granted US citizenship) will not sympathize with groups that come here illegally just because they speak the same language. They are very diverse groups and need to be recognized as such. Whichever party does this most effectively will win their support and a large amount of votes.

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