Monday, February 27, 2012

America's Iranian Self-Deception

I've been meaning to catch up with blog posts for a while. So, I apologize in advance if a few of these posts seem dated.

As I am currently in the office of a Senator who authored an amendment establishing stricter sanctions against Iran, it has been an interesting topic to read about and assess by asking "how real is the threat?" As the amendment was passed unanimously in the Senate and as some might remember, was the only topic that received a full standing ovation during the State of the Union, asking questions about this salient issue is not only important, but also necessary.

Although it has been a great experience being an office that is so close to these policy issues, I've had trouble deciding where I stand. WSJ had a great opinion article about "America's Iranian Self-Deception," which spells out how real the threat might be.

WSJ Amreica's Iranian Self-Deception

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