Friday, February 24, 2012

Students venture to Harpers Ferry, WV for some History

Last Saturday, some individuals in the program decided to take advantage of the 65 degree day and go on an excursion. We chose Harpers Ferry, West Virginia which is only about fifty minutes from Washington, DC. Harpers Ferry played a significant role in the antebellum period and during the Civil War. It was the site of the John Brown led revolt on the US armory in Harpers Ferry in 1859 which led to greater tension between free and slave states. There also was a number of skirmishes in the area and the location switched hands in the war between Confederate and Federal hands over nine times. Apart from being a haven for history buffs, it was also a strikingly beautiful place with a charming 19th century town. Please enjoy the pictures I took while there:

Me on Jefferson's Rock. In his memoirs, Thomas Jefferson stated this was the most beautiful piece of nature he had ever seen.

Looking down the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers towards Harpers Ferry church. Virginia is on distant right, Maryland on distant left.

Looking back towards Harpers Ferry, WV from the Maryland Side of the Potomac.

John Brown's armory. The site of the abolitionist's revolt that was quelled by US Colonel Robert E. Lee in 1859. Considered a stepping stone towards the Civil War.

The convergeance of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers facing east from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. On far right is Virginia and on left is Maryland.

Looking down from Harpers Ferry Church towards Maryland and Virginia.

Looking down toward the 19th century styled town of Harpers Ferry below.

On the footbridge of the Appalachian Trail on the Maryland side. Looking across both the Sehenandoah and Potomac Rivers towards West Virginia.

Looking up the Shenandoah from Jefferson's rock further into West Virginia.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. It was awesome actually visiting a place you grow up learning about in history class. A lot of the individuals in the program are excited to visit other Civil War sights in the area such as Antietem and Manasass (or Bull Run, depending on where you are from) which are also within 50 minutes of Washington, DC.

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