Monday, February 13, 2012

Romney wins CPAC straw poll and Maine Caucus

After suffering suprising losses to the social conservative Rick Santorum last week in Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, GOP front-runner Mitt Romney responded well with wins in the CPAC straw poll and in Maine. Althought neither are binding, it does show that the former Massachussettes Governer still controls the race despite his struggles last week. Neither the straw poll nor the Maine caucus were easy victories for Romney, as many conservative activists are yet to be proven that Romney is one of them and the strong following that exists for Rona Paul in Maine.

I was particularily suprised Romney won the straw poll, as the entire Hotel was crawling with Gingrich and Santorum volunteers. Romney volunteers were far and few between- including no Romney table in the basement (there was one for the other 3). Despite less presence, he was able to prove to the conservative activists that he is the strongest candidate to face Obama in November. This is reassuring because he is the strongest candidate.

In terms of the Maine caucus, Paul has been polling well in the state and many predicted that it was Paul's best shot to win a state. Romney was able squeeze a narrow victory by a few percent. This small percentage certainly goes along way to boost Romney towards the eventual nomination.

After this narrow defeat for Paul you all should hear the angry phone calls from Dr. Paul supporters this morning.

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