Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obama a better Reagan than Reagan?

No, seriously. Check it out. 


B. De Graff said...

I mean, I see what this is getting at, but you cannot assume that he policies definetly would have been more successful. As professor stated yesterday, presidents are judged by their economic climate and that is simply the reality. If you go back to George W, he was certainly judged on the economic climate. Before the collapse in his first term he had one of the highest approval ratings. During the poor economic times he had the lowest approval rating, it is certainly the nature of the beast. Reagan was popular because his policies worked for his time, Obama's policies have not worked as well in his time. Also Obama passed alot of legislation his first two years in office and as Seantor McConnell stated, "There's no mistaking: we are living in the Obama economy."

Dylan Wulderk said...

I wasn't going for economic recovery really, just the whole shrinking the size of government thing. It kind of grew under Reagan, who came in wanting to slash the size of it, and has been near-deified to some people for his plan to do so. A lot of those people are the ones who attack Obama for being a Communist/Fascist/Socialist, yet under his administration, the size of government has actually shrunk.

I don't think this has too much to do with Obama, though. Gridlock has probably played a significant role. My guess though, is that it has a lot to do with a recession forcing states to cut budgets--and with that tends to come the cutting of government employees. While it looks good to a lot of people on the surface, a bunch of unemployed people probably don't find these charts to be too uplifting.