Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney "Trumped" by the Donald

I'm convinced Donald Trump is actually a loyal Democrat and Obama supporter doing everything in his power to sabotage the Republicans' quest for the White House. First, he goes out and stirs up the furthest fringes of the tips of right-wing America, making the Tea Party seem even more radical than usual. Then he subtly hints, in a way only the Donald can, that he still wants to run for President if he doesn't like who the Republicans nominate.

Everyone presumed that meant Mitt Romney--except, apparently, Donald Trump.

And just when he seemed completely irrelevant to the race--after all, Stephen Colbert did choose to give Herman Cain the remaining 30 seconds of his promised fifteen-minutes-of-fame, rather than running with the equally-irrelevant and perhaps slightly more ridiculous Trump (then again Colbert and Cain both think that they are America. That probably had something to do with it.)--he's back in the game. And this time he's coming with an endorsement for Newt Gingrich.

No, wait a minute. That won't do enough damage. Newt's already registering high enough on the "un-favorability" chart, he's getting crushed in Nevada, and he got embarrassed in Florida. He's trending down. The best way to hurt Republicans is to endorse Mitt Romney!

Honestly, if I'm a Mitt Man (or woman) right now, I'm not happy. Romney is already trying to put out the fire by downplaying the endorsement. How often does that happen?

Trump's still going strong for his good buddy Mitt, though. Earlier today he told FOX News that "(Mitt)'s a member of my club in Washington. He's a good guy."

Face palm.

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