Saturday, February 4, 2012

Term Limits

The idea of Congressional term limit are popularized any time that people are unhappy with the status quo. As a result there is a long history of articles concerning this subject. Here is a link to a debate between two op-ed writers for the Washington Post from the last major debate concerning term limits. The most recent attempt at creating an amendment came from the South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Here is a link to an article in the paper The Hill, concerning Demint's efforts to force legislators to vote for an expressions of support for Congressional Term limits which he attempted to attach to the Stock Act. Although DeMint was defeated the comments in the article are an interesting window into the views of other Americans. My final contribution to the debate is a website dedicated to passing a constitutional amendment instituting a ban on term limits called Is a great resource for both sides in the debate simply because of the depth of information contained in one side even with its bias.

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