Monday, February 6, 2012

Gear up, Republicans... more political ammunition

The price of gas over the past few years has experienced wild fluctuations.  According to this US News article, it is on the rise once again.  The question is whether or not gas prices will provide the next wave of political ammunition for Republicans.  With the job outlook improving, it might be time for them to move on to their next criticism of Obama.

This article claims that although gas prices are increasing, other more important economic indicators will  prove more important to voters.  As a high school student in 2008, I was thrilled to see sub-$2 gas prices; however, I was too young to grasp the failures of the greater economy.  Surely most Americans, except for high school students merely concerned with filling their tanks, would rather see job growth than low gas prices.  So, even if Republicans choose to chastise Obama for high gas prices, I certainly hope that voters can see the bigger picture.

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