Thursday, February 2, 2012

Florida Primary Info

After Romney's triumph over Gingrich in Florida, Gingrich supporters have been attacking the GOP of Florida's execution of the primary. Alot of constituents seem confused on this issue and since I have been briefed on the issue, I thought that I would share it on the blog. The RNC sets guidelines for state parties and their primaries, in order to ensure a more uniformed set up. They have been trying to move away from the 'winner take all' format, and hope that these new rules move most primaries in that direction. The rule, Rule No. 16, states that a state primary cannot be winner take all format until March 1. If they schedule their primary too early with this format then under the rule they will be penalized by losing delegates- thus losing pull power on the GOP National stage. Florida is the first of these states to be penalized in this manner by being stripped of 49 of its 99 total delegates. Nevada is also being penalized as their primary was scheduled too early as well. The Chairman will be on Fox around 10 AM to discuss this issue on Thursday as the Gingirch campeign is challenging the primary because of the winner take all format. He is trying to make the RNC look like it is supporting one candidate in Mitt Romney, no Newt, people just didn't vote for you.... Get over it

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