Monday, April 11, 2011

The tax on blue states

These figures are several years old. More people are now hit by AMT, but most still live in blue states.

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Patrick_L said...

and what would you use to "pay-for" the AMT? (i.e. compensate for eliminating the AMT)

a) Keep equivalent progressivity in the tax system through different tax measures than the AMT.
b) Increase progressivity through different tax measures
c) Reduce progressivity and increase taxes on the actual middle-class or working-class through different tax measures (You are always complaining about the EITC...)
d) reduce government spending (which largely consists of progressive measures benefiting the poor, elderly, disabled, working-class, and the actual middle-class.) You're not going to find much government spending that heavily favors the rich- that's done through the tax code. Spending programs are either means-tested (food stamps- you want cuts there), equally beneficial to the public (water safety), or programs for the elderly (Social Security, Medicare) that have been extremely effective at reducing elderly poverty.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Hmm... I wonder what Paul Ryan would do?