Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"If there is a legal fight that can define their generation, this is it."

Might want to check out this case if you don't use iTunes, you sinners...Good news, I guess, is that, as of 2008, record companies aren't prosecuting individual file-sharers, rather just the file-sharing companies. So unless you're in the middle of a copyright trial (sucks for you), I think you're good...for now.

Doesn't this case sound a little too familiar to Legally Blonde (I obviously watched it because Luke Wilson was in it of course) in the fact that the head "lawyer" defending Tanenbaum hasn't even graduated from law school??? I'm pretty sure I'd want a licensed attorney representing me...wait...yeah, I'll take a licensed attorney over Reese Witherspoon anyday, thank you very much.

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