Thursday, April 14, 2011

A disgrace

Says the Hammer.


Patrick_L said...

what a bunch of cry-babies. It's not Obama's fault that Republicans' proposals are so unjustifiable- cutting Medicare for 33 people to give people like Obama a tax cut.

Does anyone think Republicans' opposition to health care reform was all about principles, or did it also include election demagoguing?

Every President and politician does this. Would it have been better for Obama to ignore Ryan's plan. Obviously not. He had to address it. Would it have been better for Obama to not give his opinion of Ryan's proposals- while making factually correct statements? Conservatives are always going on about their "Principled" stands against government. Guess what- liberals have principles too, which go against supporting tax cuts for the rich paid for by cutting programs for low-income households.

Though I would have thought that was a universal principle. Guess not.

PBM said...

Hearing "the Hammer" say something makes me disrespect and disregard the conservative point of view more than I naturally do already. He is a hypocritical GOP cheerleader whose opinion does not come even close to mattering to me.

Ryan Karerat said...

I would agree with him that Obama's speech was very partisan.

However, when you're a Democrat who couldn't possibly give that speech without responding to a proposal straight out of the Republcican/conservative orthodoxy, how exactly is it not going to be partisan?

Besides, anything short of Obama embracing tax cuts for everyone and the elimination of every social safety net will be perceived as overly partisan by the 'Hammers' of the world. Any person left of center articulating their worldview will be viewed as being too partisan.