Sunday, April 3, 2011

The calculus of consent

Interesting blog post by Steven Hayward about the failed politics of health care reform and deficit reduction.

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PBM said...

I have a number of problems with this post by Hayward. The first is his discussion of consent and how the opposing party's consent is generally required to pass major legislation. He is right in that the health care law did not have the consent of the GOP, but he doesn't mention that it should have had it. It was based off of the GOP's proposal in the 90s and Mitt Romney's in Massachusetts. There is not a more conservative way to achieve universal health care, which was actually a goal of GOPs past.

My second problem is with this statement:
"We all know the Democrats have become a deeply irresponsible party"

So it's the party that has put our economy back on track, the party that acknowledges global warming, the party that reformed health care while simultaneously reducing the deficit, and the party that enacted desperately needed financial reforms that is "deeply irresponsible?"

What about the party that wants a government shutdown, or the party that doesn't want to raise the debt ceiling, or the party that wants unlimited tax cuts for million and billionaires, the party that still yearns for deregulation after a multitude of problems causes by this supposed policy prescription, the party that denies global warming, and the party that stands against funding for renewable energy sources?

I really don't see how any informed person could come to the conclusion that Dems are the deeply irresponsible party in Washington.