Thursday, April 7, 2011

Biological Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives Examined in Brains


Megan said...

Conservatives have also been found to have bigger backbones.

PBM said...

Yup, Dems enjoy compromise more. Good luck with that one in 2012, though, Megan. Independents are much more aligned with Dems than Rs on compromise. And right now, the Rs are not compromising because they are trying to jam other domestic policy priorities like defunding PP and the EPA down America's throat. Meanwhile, DC won't get it's trash picked up, tourists won't be able to go to any museums or monuments, the Cherry Blossom parade will be canceled, and our government will be made more inefficient by having noone work. Way to go with that backbone, GOP, your really looking out for our country's interests pushing something that will never become law just to score political points!

TJE said...

Keith Olbermann scooped you:

I won't stoop to making comments about Olbermann's brain.