Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As I said, Ryan- not "Ryan-Rivlin"

Just one of the many falsehoods and deceptions in Ryan's defense of his budget proposal.

Ryan's budget clearly represents his ideal path for deficit reduction, and more broadly his approach to future of government in this country (as evidenced by his resolution including the repeal of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law, something which has nothing to do with a budget resolution). And that's great- I encourage him to articulate his ideas even more, especially considering his budget lacks many details on tax policy or what mandatory and discretionary programs he would cut. He also doesn't explain why his own numbers show his proposal worsening the solvency of Social Security.

I agree with Ryan that deficit reduction is extremely important, and that our government should set a plan sooner rather than later for putting our nation back-on-track. Many reasonable approaches (Bowles-Simpson, Rivlin-Domenici for instance) have been put forward that emphasize shared sacrifice while achieving fiscal sustainability. Unfortunately, Ryan clearly disagrees with the "shared-burden" principle, as evidenced by the impact of his policy proposals on different Americans. (I'll discuss this more soon, but for now here are the highlights: tax breaks again for the wealthy, cuts to health care, food assistance, Pell Grants, housing support, etc. for low-income Americans.)

Like many others, Ryan's plan strikes me as fundamentally immoral.


TJE said...

Immoral? Mr. L, you're becoming unhinged by class warfare.

Patrick_L said...

Who is the one engaging in class warfare here? Ryan is cutting taxes for the wealthy by hundreds of billions while cutting programs for the poor by trillions. Talk about your class warfare