Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Reason Why Massholes are Better than Everyone Else

No big deal, just America's first offshore windfarm. Add that to the list of great Masshole namesakes...

Plymouth Rock

Lexington (& Concord)

Tom Brady (& Gisele)

Ray Allen (& his mom)


Cape Wind

Welcome to Massachusetts...We're better than you - and we know it!


TJE said...

Poor John Kerry. First he has to pay taxes on his yacht. Now he might have to see windmills from his yacht or his beachfront estate.

jwhitney said...

John Kerry is absolutely NOT a Great American

Ian Thresher said...

Pretty sure your illustrious Senator Kennedy was doing absolutely everything he could to prevent this and preserve his precious Hyannis view. All this shows is that Mass inhabitants clamor for environmental protection in Washington, but then file 10 law suits to ban environmental "eye sores" from being built in their state. Massholes indeed.