Monday, April 4, 2011

The 19 percent solution

To get Mr. L's week off to a good start.

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Patrick_L said...

I’m tired of repeating the same facts ad nauseum.

90’s look nothing like 2010’s, let alone future decades. Why? Demographics (baby boomers weren't even close to retiring in 2000 like this article suggests- in fact they were at their peak earnings level of their life cycle), interest payments on past deficits (Bush Sr. and Clinton actually had fiscal discipline, Bush Jr. and modern Republicans- like their idol Reagan- not so much), rising health care costs (had actually slowed at end of 90's, been increasing at unprecedented levels ever since), strong economy in 90's vs. crappy economy now due to housing bubble and financial sector collapse- thanks Bush Jr. and Greenspan for...not doing your jobs and monitoring the economy, current beneficiaries of entitlement programs locked-in so cuts take years to have a significant impact, no deficit commission has even considered letting spending drop below 21% of GDP for decades to come, etc.

Blah, Blah, Blah- I feel Ke$ha at this point.