Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Boss and the Governor

I figured I'd lighten my posts up a little and share this with everyone. It's an article (with a video attached) from an interview with Martin O'Malley, current Governor of Maryland (mayor of Baltimore during "The Wire" if you're familiar with that.) He talks about the Bruce Springsteen phenomenon and the political message that causes people on the left and right to embrace him. He even goes out of his way to say the Boss might want to consider changing his nickname to the Governor. Interestingly enough, Bruce Springsteen does decently against Chris Christie in all the polls (and yes, these polls are real.)

Yup, that's O'Malley, not a trimmed up Bruce.

Disclaimer: O'Malley is my favorite governor and my top pick for the 2016 Democratic Nomination should Hillary decide not to run.

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