Monday, April 23, 2012

John Edwards trial

When I logged on to my computer this morning, I checked Politico as I usually do. But what was unusual about this morning was seeing that the front page story discussed the Edwards trial at length. It was weird to see something that our section has been working on for years in the news front and center. Everyone knows how Edwards's life has gone in recent years: he went from running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008 to being accused of conspiracy and illegal use campaign contributions in the alleged cover-up of the his affair with Rielle Hunter. The prosecution of Edwards has been criticized in the news lately for being wasteful spending: Republicans have been openly complaining that Edwards has been humiliating enough and that the government is unnecessarily depleting our resources. Republicans, of all people, should not be speaking out against this indictment- the Justice Department is prosecuting a powerful Democrat in a high-profile, nationally publicized trial. I (in my completely unbiased opinion...) believe that this criticism could not be further from the truth. This man broke the law and I think it's time that we actually do something about it- politician figures for decades have believed that they are above the law and that is just simply not the case.  As Brandon said in class last week, politicians are real and normal people too. This leaves me with my last point: if a normal person broke the law, would they get away with it? The answer is no. Therefore, why should politicians or other people with power get away with it?


Dylan Wulderk said...

I read something a little while ago that said Dick Cheney's approval rating is 10 times higher than that of John Edwards. Edwards comes in at a solid 3%. Three!

So my question for the DOJ people: who do you like more: Cheney or Edwards?

TJE said...

Free the cad!