Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First primary fight in 36 years for Senator Lugar

How old is too old?  This 80 year-old U.S. senator from Indiana is facing his first primary contest in 36 years.  That fact alone is a testament to his popularity over the years, sometimes running without any Democratic opposition at all.  In the 90s, he helped broker a bipartisan program for disarmament in the Soviet Union, and is widely respected across party lines.  In 2012, however, Lugar is facing a significant crowd who questions his conservatism.  His opponent, Richard Murdock, is largely supported by Tea Party members and trails Lugar in the polls by only seven points.  But for a man who has run unopposed in primary elections for 36 years, that gap seems to be extremely tight.  If re-elected, Lugar will serve in the Senate at least until the age of 86.  Now that's longevity - here's to mature Americans.

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