Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama Supporting Women and Girls

President Obama gave speech on women and the economy on April 6. I appreciate the speech because of his down to earth attitude yet with a vision for the future, which sounds genuine compared to Mr. Romney's remarks. President Obama raised examples of how three generations of women members of his family have survived through economic hardships, family responsibility, and gender inequality at work place, alluding to every woman's experience. He than related his policies targeting at these problems, including Fair Pay Act, business loan, education, insurance, and planned parenthood. Undoubtedly, his remark stroke a chord among the women audience at the White House.

President Obama points out the very things that have been challenging for women throughout history, including the classic argument that women make 77 cents for every one dollar men make, the balance of traditional motherhood and the growing role of a bread-winner, access to education, sense of inferiority in math and science, and that women account for a low percentage in top executive positions (such as, Fortune 500 CEOs as he mentioned).I think although his views are not brand new or revolutionary, his remark shows that he cares about the progressive view of human development. One might argue that if the society and economy produce enough surplus, gender issues and many other problems will automatically be resolved. However, unlike economics that can regulate itself to some extent, changes in culture need special attention, guidance, and resources, and this is when a government is needed. The government can allocate resources and responsibilities that help its citizens develop with less concerns, which is something only the government can do but no one else. I am thrilled to see leadership and determination in this speech, and am looking forward to seeing the vision being materialized.

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