Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Unfortunate Comment

This comment by a DNC spokewoman was unfortunate and innapropriate. Hopefully, this sheds some light on what issues really are important.

Also Obama and the Democrats state that they are for women, but what about the high number of female workers that lost their jobs during his presidency? The economic issues by the Obama Administration have made the recession worse, making it harder for both women and men to find jobs and make a living- creating more relience on the overreaching, overspending federal government. That is not good for women, men, or anyone in this country.

The fact that Rosen had the nerve to say this about Ann Romney is really bad. My mother quit her job as a French instructor after I was born and your darn right she worked hard raising my brother and I. I think this comment will resonate with alot of American women.


TJE said...

The war against moms!

Amy S. said...

Not trying to knock being a stay at home mom AT ALL (my mom is one, hardest work ever). But I am curious as to whether Mrs, Romney has worked after getting married, or if she went to college to get her "MRS degree".

Regardless, Hilary Rosen has a point, in the fact that women who are stay at home moms and have the privilege of not having a corporate or out of home job, are very very lucky. And not the norm. We live in a world where most families need the two paychecks.

I think she went about making her point in the entirely wrong way, and I also think (as the link to the article above suggests) that the Romney campaign did an excellent job jumping on this one, and their response does demonstrate a very well organized campaign.