Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Individual Mandate: Libertarian Thoughts


Interesting point here regarding the distinction between "mediated and unmediated transactions".

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Amy said...

This Forbes article summarizes many of the court cases Knute referenced last night. It also further discusses Mr. Barnett's distinction between "(a) taking a dollar by force and then handing it to Raytheon and (b) forcing me to hand a dollar to Raytheon" as well as the distinction between inactivity and activity having a "substantial influence" on market conditions.

While the article is illuminating, especially in regards to last night's discussion, I believe the more important topic shoudl have been about precedent. Since the New Deal, the Supreme Court has excercised zero constraint controling and regulating commerce. In my opinion, The Wickurd v. Filburn decision was a horrible turning point in American poltiics and should be overturned.Precedent and the dramatic expansion of Congressional Power is why the Individual Mandate and Obcamacare is a slippery slope for limited government.