Monday, October 10, 2011

California Allows College Aid to Illegal Immigrants

Because of our Dream Act Debate, I found this article interesting. California is now following in the footsteps of Texas and New Mexico and is allowing state-funded aid for illegal immigrants. Previously, they allowed illegal immigrants in-state tuition. The new law would affect 3,633 students, or less than one percent of the 440,000 students enrolled in the current school year. Thoughts?


alexrued said...

I'm not clear on how this works.

Currently only 3 states provide state-funded aid to illegal immigrants, but is it reasonable for every state to adopt this policy?

Do underprivileged US citizens receive the same funding/benefits?

Caroline Novas said...

Underprivileged Californians also receive funding because it is a California school. However, out of state students do not receive public funding, making this decision more controversial. In addition, legally documented workers one state over would not be able to receive public funding. Some have claimed this incentivizes undocumented status.