Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boehner tries to bridge partisan divide

Despite the fact that the White House is ignoring its own call for more Civil Rhetoric by not addressing Hoffa's "standing army" or "SOB" comments, John Boehner seems to be more focused on cooperating.

Boehner is not only encouraging his colleagues to attend the President's speech, but has also refused to offer an official Republican response to the Address (Yesterday morning, we all said we would expect a response).

Boehener has once again shown that although he disagrees with the President on policy, he is not about playing games.


TJE said...

On the other hand:

Will McCurry said...

Like it or not Boehner is playing a game, a little game we all now know as the power game. Of course it makes no sense for him to offer a Republican response for tomorrow's speech. Boehner is right in that most Americans will be watching football rather than watching blowhard politicians on both sides of the aisle spinning the speech as either a moderate success or disastrous debacle. This is all a calculated political move and I can assure you now that tomorrow once the football game is over, the other game (power) will begin again with Boehner and everyone else in his party bashing the speech as idealistic, unrealistic, and doomed to failure.

Will Rusche said...

Boehner may not be offering an official response but Michele Bachmann's got the GOP covered - she'll be making a speech following the President's address.

I would also say the White House's call for a more civil rhetoric is a proactive approach to men or women like Hoffa who still choose to make such comments. While they did not specifically respond to this incident, they have a position.

What is Boehner's position? If we are to hold are political leaders to this standard, when was the last time he has responded to a provocative comments coming from his own party?

Lachlan said...

"While they did not specifically respond to this incident, they have a position."

They do? Because the last time I remember Obama calling for more civil rhetoric was in the wake of violence against a Democrat, with Republicans being baselessly accused of fomenting murder.