Thursday, September 15, 2011

The King has spoken "If you love me, Pass my bill"

The King has spoken... "If you love me, pass my bill"

In a desperate attempt to revive the cult of personality that got Obama elected in 2008, Obama began taking the focus off of the issues in a jobs(campaign) speech in NC.

No thanks Mr. President. I'd rather congress read the bill, and pass it based on whether it is sound legislation.

The "Stimulus Pt. 2" seems like a toned down version of his previous failed plan, which didn't follow through on its promise to keep unemployment under 8%, and drastically increased the National Debt.

After the specifics came out about the bill, everyone is beginning to realize its not really as bi-partisan as Obama's 4 speeches have touted it to be.

And the notion that it would all be paid for confused both Republicans and Democrats. Obama's only means of paying for it, include more tax hikes, and borrowing more money. It shouldn't take a genius to know that Republicans won't like that.

This whole Jobs act is campaign strategy. He is proposing something he knows the Republicans will disagree with, but by claiming that it is Bi-Partisan, he makes it seem as though the Right is being unreasonable. Then he can play the victim card in 2012, attesting to his altruistic attempts to help the American People, and demonizing the Republicans for holding him fiscally responsible.

When all else fails, The President kicks into campaign mode, hoping you'll overlook his failures, and do what he says if you love him...

51% of Americans doubt that the American Jobs Act will create jobs(bloomberg). I hope our legislators keep the people in mind when voting on the bill, not the President.


TJE said...

Will Rusche said...

oh the joy of quotes taken out of context...

This line was in response to an audience member yelling out "I love you, Barack!" as their was a pause in the President's speech."

The President acknowledged the outburst saying, in full "I love you back, that starts- , but if you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill. It starts with your help..." and then goes back to addressing the merits of the bill he has preposed.

The line in itself does not represent the message of Obama's speech nor his strategy in gaining support for the jobs bill. If you doubt the context of this line, that is to say what proceeded and followed, look up the transcript.