Monday, September 19, 2011

Will bike share work in NYC?

I'm skeptical about Manhattan.


Latasha said...

Some of the good things about bike share is that the city will not have to pay for it, the program would create more jobs, and bike share encourages healthy habits for city dwellers. There are much more bikes on the streets now then there were a decade ago, so it is great that the city can take advantage of that. However, my only concern is that New York City would need to improve its traffic regulations because I don't think the city accommodates bikers as much as they do in Washington DC.

BL said...

The subway is overcrowded, late, and expensive; there's ALWAYS construction on the weekends. The system's gotten a lot better, but there are still so many service delays. A bike system would be much appreciated. It could be installed in the outer boroughs/less trafficked areas of Manhattan before being introduced to areas like Midtown.

TJE said...

I might try in Williamsburg, where my kids live. Midtown-- no!

I really like using to get to and from Calvert Woodley from Cleveland Park.